Influencing Fitness is another way of us saying that we believe in you and we look forward in helping you work on your health and fitness.  We understand those whose life is constantly on-the-go and those who may be too intimidated to step into a gym.  That's why here at Influence Fitness we are looking to take things out of the crowded gym scene and provide you with personalized 1 on 1 sessions. We offer a variety of programs that meets the needs of everyone at any fitness level.


There are many benefits to leading a healthier lifestyle. Many people experience a boost in confidence, mental focus, more energy, fewer health problems and overall longevity.  Who's to say we can't get better with age?  From the daily life choices we make to even the environment we live in, everything can impact how motivated we are to get up each day and work toward our goals.  Influence Fitness is here to help make that first step easier.

Key factors that have an Influence on fitness:

Environment:  Our personal training studio is always clean, bright, and energizing.  We test the quality of the air in our studio regularly, take proper disinfection protocols and provide safe and effective sessions every time.

Routine & Rest:  Seeing results isn't only driven by hitting the gym, recovery is key.  We will answer any questions you may have and there is no "1 size fits all approach."  Personalized programs and unique training methods will create the dramatic results you seek.

Time/Convenience:  Time is money and money is time.  At Influence fitness we focus on flexibility with your schedule to best meet your needs.  We have a variety of programs that are affordable and time efficient.

Nutrition:  WE LOVE FOOD!  That's why we aren't trying to take that occasional burger or beer out of your diet. Giving you healthy alternatives and simplifying the process is the way we will get you to achieve the results you desire.

Lifestyle: Be yourself and allow us to help you be your best self!

Friends & Family:  We are going to leave this one up to you. But remember exercise is always more fun and effective if you are doing it with someone you know or care about.  We have a great referral program that will benefit you!  (Contact us for more details)


Creating the footprint for others to overcome challenges and take action by Influencing health and fitness so that together we can achieve long-term strength and growth.

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